Benson and Marigoldia Butler are a couple of elderly women often seen littering the town of Timber Valley with their unpleasant demeanours and polluting the air with their cynical and eccentric rages against the youth machine. In essence, they are granny terrorists.

Benson is not quite as old as Butler, though at 93 she is by no means any less experienced in the aging process. Her round, portly figure is only matched by her loud mouth and large hair. She is easily the more vocal of the two, mouthing off every opoortunity that arises. This is, as she believes, one of the prerequisites of being a mad old bat.

Marigold Butler is anything but the gentle, sunny flower her name misleads you to believe her to be. Bitter, twisted and senile, decades of grudgingly shoving her way through the dry crust of existence has provided her with enough insight into the human condition that, over the years, she has successfully managed to merge her conciousness with the universe's life stream. Such is her tremendous power that, should she chose to, she could crush the entire universe with a squeeze of her thin, wrinkled palm. The only reason she hasn't already is simply because she hasn't yet gathered the energy to be bothered to do so. It is because of this immense power and hold on the living conciousness that she choses to refrain from spontaneous outburst. Humans amuse her, it would be a pity if they were accidentally destroyed and she had nothing to do for the next four billion years.