Gar Room

Gar and Mac engaged in mortal combat

Gar's bedroom is a den of iniquity and damp, moist nostalgia, buried beneath a mountain of childhood manliness.

Being the easy-going bear that he is, anyone is free to enter so long as they don't breath in the cartridges. That is so 90's. Shelves bare the load of dozens of trinkets and toys, mostly video game related, from Nintendo plushies to old video game cartridges and figures. They're well kept, though Gar doesn't mind them being played with by visitors, so once in a while a seam comes lose and a repair job is needed. Thankfully Mac is pretty handy with a needle, and she's taught Posey a thing or two in toy maintenance.

Fairly sizable, Gar's room sees the gnarly age meet the HD age. While he still has a collection of old RHF cables and power packs the size of bricks, he also uses a contemporary selection of multiple-console adapters to minimize the amount of cables snaking from his many consoles distributed around his big, shiny LCD TV. All are within easy reach of his bed, though with the release of the Nintendo Wii and its Virtual Console, even he has admittedly allowed his older consoles to see more shelf life. The room also has its own bathroom and toilet.

Being a bear of the large variety, Gar's bed is a Queen-sized mattress. Its lack of springs means it is soft and plump, yet solid enough to bounce on without it being uncomfortable or likely to break the bed. Because of this, it has been discovered to support the weight of a number of people on it at once, which usually occurs during the usual bouts of competitive multi-player gaming, such as Guitar Hero and Wario Ware. This has recently moved beyond the consoles, as Gar and Mac have in fact discovered it to be the perfect platform to practice Sumo wrestling. This was mostly brought about by Gar's nightmares of play fighting with friends as a child on his old trampoline, and the many instances of bouncing too high and landing rather indelicately on the springs upside down.