Gar Bludovic
Gar, doing what he does best. Zoop!
Character Bio
Gender Male
Species Bear
Age 26
Appearance Large, brown bear with a big body and a small head.
Hobbies Playing video games, talking about video games, reminiscing about video games, hanging out with his house mates, oh, and the 80s
Residence The House
First issue #001

Gar Bludovic is one of the central protagonists of Same Apartment, and roommates with his friends Mort and Posey. He is also an anthropomorphic bear. [1] Gar has the distinct honor of being the first character to appear in the comic.

Overview Edit

Gar lives in Timber Valley with his fellow house mates. While he has a heavy role within the comic, he isn't always the central figure, as all the characters have equally important stories that interconnect with Gar's. His mannerisms are often exaggerated, and he gets up to a wild array of crazy adventures, sometimes engaging in random encounters with characters that live outside the world of the Same Apartment comic, and has even been known to break the fourth wall on occasion. This is more likely merely a result of his rampant imagination more than a form of comic book self-awareness.

Personality Edit

Gar has a very optimistic approach to life. His needs are generally simplistic, being content to live in his house with his friends, games and fish, and enjoy life for what it has to offer. He is loyal, funny, and has a very infectious, weird sense of humor. He does, however, understand the needs and differing personalities of his co-inhabitants, and always attempts to help solve any problems they may have. This is usually done through means of trying to be funny, which is typically enough to do the job.

Gar is very large, and also unashamedly overweight. His general countenance is one of overbearing happiness, and while he can be susceptible to the occasional bout of moodiness or self-doubting, this generally does not last very long at all, and he tends to bounce back just as high-spirited as he was before.

Gar is also a self-confessed video game geek, and is the owner of an unfathomably large mental and physical library of video game culture. While video games don't define his life, the lifestyle of a gamer does, and he owns an impressive array of hardware, especially that of his favorite brand, Nintendo. His passion extends into other media like comic books, toys, and his apparent favorite, shirts that display a varied manner of geekery.

His Muse is apparently Princess Sally.


As mentioned, Gar is a bear, and a very large one at that. His fur is brown, scruffy, and times even shiny. Like the other members of the cast, he is quite athletic despite his bulk, and seemingly able to contort his body quite imaginatively. His favorite shirt of choice appears to be a t-shirt with random quotes and jargon pertaining to video game culture, or general nonsense. This is often seen under a desperately undersized overshirt or his trademark red jacket.


Gar is the central family figure amongst his group of friends, mainly due to his simplistic perspective on life and seeming invulnerability to a lot of the more negative or debilitating traits that his friends might have. His caring and brotherly attitude to Posey gives her the support she constantly needs to prove herself, and his patience with Mort allows the cynical scientist the time to follow his own interests without actually starving or going totally mad. He and the others live in a place called Timber Valley.

Relationships Edit

Gar has found a soul mate of sorts in Mac, an avid gamer and optimistic free-spirit, not unlike Gar himself. While there isn't a clear romance between the two of them, they get along well, and after a brief fiery encounter, have been extremely close ever since. The two have been known to confide in each other, and both admires the other's spirit and sense of humor. Both of them being huge gamers is also a draw for them. However, at this present moment they remain simply firm friends.