Halloween is a holiday that falls on October 31st. Each year, Sean and his brother John create a special series of Halloween related issues leading up to and including the spooky holiday. These are often a lot darker than the normal comics, which are usually optimistic and philosophically enlightening, as they are often grim, morbid, and sometimes quite bloody.

Pop Culture References Edit

Same Apartment is well known for it's references to popular culture. In the Halloween stories many of the characters referenced are generally represented in a more sinister light than they are known for, especially those that were originally used in children's entertainment TV shows. Examples of characters that have appeared in these issues include a murderous Teddy Ruxpin, a slasher Sonic the hedgehog, and even murderous Care Bears that revel in death and violence. The joke here is that these characters in their original context were symbols of heroism and peace and good will, yet in Same Apartment they are now twisted killers. The cast of Same Apartment in these stories usually wind up dead, or at the very least frightened out of their wits.

Trick or Treat Edit

Often run in parallel with the darker stories, (or alternated), Halloween issues often sport more fun-oriented stories with the cast frequently dressing up in various costumes to go Trick or Treating. It's interesting to note that even the usually unsociable Mort partakes in these. This could be due to his morbid and dark sense of humor, though in his defense it should be mentioned that Mort isn't totally without a sense of fun and comradeship when it comes to his friends. Usually the cast dress up as 80's pop culture icons, or even older ones, though there have been some newer characters such as a cameo appearance by Ivy from Tracy Butler's Lackadaisy comics.

Gallery of HorrorsEdit