Henry Gorey
Henry Gorey, arcade owner and good with young 'uns.
Character Bio
Gender Male
Species Human
Age Older than you, sprocket.
Appearance Grey haired, mustachioed, kindly, wears a youthful drawstring jumper.
Hobbies Running the Funtasmagoria arcade, motivating the youth of society, growing mustaches.
Residence Henry Gorey's Funtasmagoria
First issue #029

Henry Gorey is the proprietor of a Timber Valley video arcade called Henry Gorey's Funtasmagoria. His first appearance was in issue #029.

Role Edit

Henry Gorey has only appeared a few times in the comic, but his role has been somewhat influential. His first appearance merely acted to introduce Mac into the series by explaining the situation to Gar. A later appearance was more direct when a gloomy Posey entered his arcade with Mort. The cynical inventor had been giving her a less than optimistic narration about how life doesn't really matter in the end, and she slumped at the counter with a dejected mood. Upon explaining to Gory what the matter was, the aged arcade owner charismatically leaped onto the counter top and gave Posey a dazzling oration with the intent to cheer her up. She leaves the store feeling a little more optimistic, thanking him, though he is merely humble in his reply.

Personality Edit

Henry Gorey is a quiet, gentle old man with an almost Paul Newman countenance. He is honest, patient and straight forward, and plies his life experience into his time with younger people. This could possibly be the reason he has chosen to run an arcade, using the chance to spend the time with the youth of Timber Valley. Gorey has seen a lot in his lifetime, yet has somehow maintained an optimistic outlook on life.


Henry Gorey gives a motivational speach that Paul Newman would be proud of.