Ravage the land as never before. Total desruction from mountain to SHORE!

John Pendleton is Sean's brother, a spoot-head, and the chief writer of the Same Apartment comic. While Sean has made comics before he has always put in his half of the effort into the comic. It was during 2008 that John was made chief writer because of the nominations of that year's Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards. When he emailed the website to include Same Apartment into the awards nominations, they told him to be able to include the comic he had to be either the creator or the writer. Since his name wasn't on the comic anywhere, they wanted to know what claim he had to the comic. So he was given the title Chief Writer. And since then John's taken much more of the task of writing, even though Sean still makes some of them. And even though he's still a spoot-head. While John is not above the occasional fart joke, there have been heated arguments over what jokes go into the comic, or even what fits into the Same Apartment "style."