Olivia "Mac" MacArthur
Mac, out Gar-gazing.
Character Bio
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24
Appearance Short, thin, tomboyish. Has a Tetris tattoo on her right arm.
Hobbies Playing video games, beating high scores, and generally being one tough cookie.
Residence Somewhere near Henry Gorey's Funtasmagoria
First issue #029

Olivia MacArthur, or "Mac", is one of the main protagonists of Same Apartment, and a close friend to Gar. Unlike the other protagonists, Mac does not live in the house, but rather lives somewhere not too far away from Henry Gorey's Funtasmagoria, where an epic battle of skill was once fought between Gar and herself in the form of an hours long video game battle.

Overview Edit

Mac plays an interesting role in the comic in that she doesn't play a family-like figure. She is a friend, and a good one at that, but she remains an outside influence on the house mates. That said, she has integrated herself extremely well with the group, and they, having discovered they all share similar traits with her, have taken her in as one of their own. In a sense, their ability to relate to each other so well, and remain such firm friends, stems from a common ease that all of the cast, except for maybe Posey, have in regards to their geeky personalities.

Personality Edit

Mac is one of the more complex characters in the comic. Outwardly she seems to share the same outgoing, fun-loving personality that Gar has, along with an abundance of optimism, though deep down she seems to have traces of various troubles that occasionally float to the surface.

She and Gar get along extremely well, and have an affectionate bond that grew from a short-lived, yet colorful rivalry that was sparked from their first encounter. It was shortly after meeting Gar and accepting his challenge to a duel of the gamer, (and subsequently beating him), that the two forged an interesting friendship. At this point in time Mac was extremely conservative, wearing clothes that bundled her up against the bitter cold outside to the point where her sex was indeterminable. Given her slender, and somewhat flat body shape, Gar automatically assumed this avid gamer, who was incidentally ruining the sport for other gamers, was another male. This is probably why Gar's first reaction was to assume a somewhat challenging stance to his territory. However, this wasn't totally Mac's fault, as she didn't seem to think anything of it. Rather than wear clothes to integrate herself into a male environment, she seemed to innocently be covering herself up from the cold. It didn't seem to pop into her head that she might be misleading anyone, which is exactly how Gar felt a few days later when Mac finally removed her extremely large necked jacket to get away from the heat. What followed was a short, though moody dialog between herself and Gar, who explained his hurt feelings about not having been told earlier. Her response to him was that he hadn't asked her about it, therefore she didn't see a point to bring it up.

It's here that Mac also reveals that as she grew up with her dad, moving around from place to place, and somewhere along the way she developed a tomboy personality. She more than any of the Same Apartment characters is confident in herself, and as such spends more time listening to her friends and offering advise that she sees as obvious, while at the same time being gentle and understanding of the subject matter, than she does concerning herself over more trivial matters.

Like Gar, Mac is an avid gamer, having grown up with all the old style retro games that Gar did. As such, they share an incredible amount in common. Part of the reason they get along so well could possibly stem from the lack of outside stresses and insecurities that Posey and Mort have. While she and Gar have not yet established a romantic relationship, they care deeply for each other, and the freedom they seem to express with each other (such as sumo wrestling in their skivvies on Gar's bed), indicates a level of intimacy that doesn't seem to worry too much about certain physical or emotionally suppressed boundaries.

She also has one bad ass Tetris tattoo on her right arm.