Posey Blanc
Attractive, and with a poll to prove it.
Character Bio
Gender Female
Species Rabbit
Age 23
Appearance Petite, off-white, furry, cute.
Hobbies Sketching, video games, shopping
Residence The House
First issue #001

Posey Blanc is one of the residents of Same Apartment, and a good friend to Gar and Mort. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and, like Gar, first appeared in the first issue of the comic.

Personality Edit

Posey is an attractive young rabbit who left home around the age of 23. She is bright, friendly and intelligent, though at times slightly naive. She is no fool, however, and is quite able to come up with solutions to problems and come out on top of any situation that might get the better of her.

She always tries to be outgoing and kind, always offering some thoughtful insight into a plight that might arise, or offer advise to her friends. She constantly puts those she cares about before her own self, often to the point where she might be needed to be stopped by someone in case she neglected herself. Ths is due to a complex set of behavioral traits, all of them noble and self-aware.

Regardless of how other people may see her, she does have many insecurities; probably more than anyone in the house. While she doesn't let them preoccupy her time, she doesn't quite understand how anyone could find her particularly attractive, and actively disagrees with this point. She is a little easy to upset, as she sometimes takes things to heart, and isn't quite as able to stand up to herself as well as Mac or Gar might be able to. She has a firm set of opinions, though she is also appreciative of change and always ready to learn and adapt.

Role Edit

Posey fills in the sisterly role of the family. She is constantly there for her fellow house mates, and is always more than up for gaming with them as she shares their geek habits and interests. She likes to be involved in any activities they get up to, and is always open to talk to in time of need. Several times Posey has shown herself to be a keen listener. While not forceful of her opinions, she is capable of being subtly influential. This is shown most clearly when she engages with the cynical, brooding Mort, who has an almost Scrooge-like mentality to anything festive or frivolous. She, more than anyone, is probably most likely to make Mort smile. If even just a little.

Appearance Edit

Posey is a petite, off-white colored rabbit. She tends to wear casual clothes, her favored shirts tending to be striped, with her long sleeves usually rolled up at the elbow . She isn't overly conscious about her look, so can often be seen either scruffy or well-dressed, depending on her mood or the occasion. This casual approach to her attire is one of the reasons many find her appealing, though she doesn't seem to understand why. Her ears are perhaps a little longer than average, though this has always been regarded as a positive, unique trait.

Posey's hair was originally short (pictured above). After a long hiatus (the Blackout) Posey appeared in comic #101 with long hair, commenting on how long they had been gone. Fans liked the longer hair better than the shorter hair, and so the change was made, Posey's hair length stayed down to her mid-back.

History Edit

*Please note that most of this information comes from a short story being written by Faded-Myth and Sean Pendleton, so the information isn't currently available to check the validity, but is nonetheless correct and canon.

Posey's earlier years hadn't been overly kind to her, despite having rich parents and a luxurious lifestyle. The central reason for this was her overbearing parents who, though meaning well, pushed their ambitions and hopes onto their daughter to the point that she almost broke under the pressures of having to live up to their expectations. This wasn't helped by Posey's lack of career ambition. She was a firm believer that if you didn't know where you were in life, it will come to you later. Unfortunately this didn't fit into their parent's perspective on her life, and how they felt she should live it. After years of fighting and not knowing which way to turn, Posey eventually made the difficult decision to move out on her own.

This was not an easy decision. Posey was extremely shy, and not particularly independent. Part of this was caused by her extreme insecurities in herself, and having been cushioned by her well-off parents. When she was 23, she had a rather large argument with her mom, which caused the older woman to shout some particularly spiteful things at her daughter, before storming off to her room, crying. Posey in turn ran to her room, and cried for the entire night. Her father, sensing what was most likely to result from this, spoke with his daughter in the morning, where she confirmed her intentions. Later that evening, her father helped her pack her things into her beloved Jeep Wrangler, said one last goodbye, then watched as his daughter drove out of his life. Her mother chose not to see her daughter off, and Posey never quite forgave that, even if she did understand her decision. The two have yet to reconcile.

Posey spent about three weeks on the road, living in a car and looking for work. She was largely unseccessful, mostly due to her absense of a set location and her extremely shy nature which left her largely lacking in the confidence needed for any typical customer service role. Her father had given her more than enough money to keep her going, so she didn't particularly starve, though she was slightly thinner by the time she met up with Gar. At this point she was in a bad emotional state, fragile after some unfortunate encounters with unsavory types, and her constant rejection for jobs had shattered her already weak opinion on herself. Gar, needing an extra house mate to help pay the bills, and also feeling sorry for her, took her in. After a short while of building back up her confidence, mostly through her exposure to a largely positive and extremely lazy atmosphere, she gradually built her self esteem up to the point where she eventually applied for, and won, a job. This is largely thanks to Gar's motivational optimism, and Mort's cynical, yet not overbearing, realism. In effect, her two friends became the foundation she needed but never quite got from her parents. Posey now regularly engages in whatever activity the others do, and is becoming gradually more outgoing and strong-willed. Living comfortably with her new house mates, the three have been firm friends ever since.

Trivia Edit

Posey was the second character to appear in the first issue of the comic. She was also the first character to "die", albeit temporarily, in the scond issue. She is introduced to the reader by Gar, who explains a little about her before promptly snapping neck and killing her when she threatened to reveal his dirty Sonic SatAM fanfics. [1] She quickly recovered from her temporary case of deadness and is now quite alive.


Posey is killed rather ineffectively by Gar.