Princess Sally
Princess Sally steals the show, and our hearts.
Character Bio
Gender Female
Species Chipmunk/Squirrel
Age 16
Appearance Short with brown and cream fur, auburn hair worn 80's style, blue sleeveless jacket and boots.
Hobbies Defending Mobius from Dr. Robotnik, providing Gar with artistic inspiration, and probably a few questionable dreams.
Residence Gar's psyche.
First issue #059

A Princess from the SatAM/Archie Sonic the Hedgehog series, and also Gar's Muse.

Role Edit

Hailing from the planet Mobius, Princess Sally Acorn is a squirrel/chipmunk hybrid, and Princess of the Sonic-verse kingdom known as Knothole. She made a brief appearance in issue #059, when Gar reveals her to be his Muse. Her single, solitary, and only line was; "Yo!" She has yet to reappear.

Appearance Edit

Princess Sally is identified by a sleeveless blue jacket, matching blue boots and fiery, auburn hair. She is quite short, possibly even shorter than Mac. Which is saying something.

Relationships Edit

In issue #002 it is revealed Gar has a collection of "dirty Sonic SatAM fanfics", an amusing joke indicating Gar had at some point an interest in writing dirty fanfics about Sally's character. Poor Posey suffers as a result of this revelation.