Same Apartment is a web comic updated Saturdays by its creator, Sean Pendleton. It is available online through a variety of online art sites such as DeviantArt, and its current home page: Tomcat Ltd.

Premise Edit

Same Apartment revolves around the lives of three friends, Gar, Posey and Mort, who live together in a large, two story house owned by Mort. They live in the fictional hometown of Timber Valley, itself located between a large lake and a mountain range which forms a semi-circle.

Gar, Posey and Mort are each individual characters, with quite contrasting traits and personalities. These show with each comic strip serving to display the way the group interacts and grows with each other, both in small and large ways. They do, in effect, form a kind of unusual family, each member acting as support to the others and, at times, a form of contrasting perspectives that affects their lives.

Themes Edit

There are many recurring themes in Same Apartment, many of them revolving around video game culture, 80's nostalgia, comic books and movies just to name a few. These are largely inspired by the artist's own personal interests.

Breaking the 4th Wall Edit

Traditionally, Same Apartment is told from an observers perspective unseen by the cast. On occasion the characters of Same Apartment break the fourth wall and directly communicate with the viewer, or at least act in a manner which acknowledges the readers who regularly follow the series. Unlike most self-aware comics however, the characters don't specifically act as though they are aware that they are comic strip characters, rather they act more as if the viewer is merely a fly-on-the-wall observer in their world. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the announcer who occasionally pops up and directly communicates to the reader and complains about the state of the comic's direction or even the artwork involved.

These instances are usually connected with one-off, unique issues, or sometimes as part of a multiple-issue long running gag. Aside from these occasions, the story is generally told in a more traditional way.