The Embodiment of Science
Mort getting his first musely advise.
Character Bio
Gender Assumed Female
Species Figment of the Imagination
Age Indeterminate
Appearance Varies. Currently short, black hair, green skin, wears a Star Trek uniform.
Hobbies Motivating Mort, inspiring Mort, calling him a dum dum.
Residence Inside Mort's head
First issue #056

The Embodiment of Science is a figment of Mort's imagination, and a source of both scientific inspiration and motivational propulsion. This muse first appeared in Issue 56.

Overview Edit

Mort's muse appears whenever he is having a mental block. Sometimes it's a nudge toward a breakthrough, or away from a breakdown. Certain ideas it presents seem to come from Mort's deep-down subconscious, though this makes sense considering the Embodiment is his deep-down subconscious. When Mort needed to take a break after a three day stint in his lab, it advised him to go outside and play. Later we see him feeling much better having a mud fight. This may mean that Mort secretly wanted to go Christmas shopping with friends when the muse suggested that he go. The Embodiment of Science is not the only muse in the comic. Gar seems to have a muse of his own, who seems to take the form of Princess Sally Acorn, even though Gar doesn't have any creative outlet. Posey and Mac's muses have yet to be revealed.

Appearance Edit

The muse seems to be a shape shifter, as it takes the form of whatever Mort would find most pleasing. When it first appeared to Mort it looked like The Great Gazoo, from the Flintstones. Since Mort did not like that, and he thought he was going crazy, it changed to something more appealing to Mort, taking the form of a female Starfleet Medical or Science Officer. Her skin color seems to mimic that of an Orion Slave Girl. She wears a blue Star Trek: The Next Generation style Skant, (a short skirt). She also seems to be a Lieutenant Commander.