The Reporter
The Reporter tells you exactly what he thinks of you. Which isn't much.
Character Bio
Gender Male
Species Cat
Age Unspecified
Appearance Tall, thin, well dressed cat with an angry face and dry, sarcastic eyebrows.
Hobbies Complaining about the artist, complaining about the comic, complaining about the characters, complaining in general.
Residence On top of a soap box off-panel.
First issue #053

The Reporter is a character who sporadically appears in the comic, usually on his own, to explain an unusual situation or announce a different method of storytelling being used in the comic. He first debuted in issue #053.

Role Edit

The Reporter is one of the only character that always breaks the fourth wall with every appearance he makes. His primary role is to report on the state of the comic, usually in a negative and angry tone. He is also used to explain an unusual situation within the comic, or even apologize and criticize the comic's creator for making a mistake, missing an issue, or even for being lazy. [1] He addresses the audience in an almost outraged tone, and calls for attention to be made to the state of the comic. Why he does this is never explicitly made clear, as he appears to have no direct ties to the comic's primary storyline or any relationship with the main cast, but it is generally implied that he watches over the comic and is ready to point out any peculiarity in its making.

On one occasion he has interacted with the actual writer,[2] whose communication is done via caption boxes.

Personality Edit

The Reporter is loud, self-motivated and extremely angry. Pessimistic and cynical, he is highly opinionated about the comic, and desires no less than constant perfection be made for the sake of the reader's intelligence. He is blunt, and doesn't hesitate to criticize the creator of the comic. [3] Wearing a smart-looking suit and looking extremely presentable, he always addresses the readers with an almost Hitler-like ferocity in his speech-making. He is extremely emotive in his physical mannerisms and has a penchant for being overly dramatic. He has been known to point out a seeming fault in the comic, only to apologize when proven that he is in fact incorrect.

Appearance Edit

The Reporter is a tall, thin cat with brown fur and a gray suit. At least I think it's gray. And I think his fur's brown. It doesn't help that I'm slightly colorblind.

The Reporter's tie appears to be a fake one, scribbled onto his shirt in black ink. This would indicate that he isn't a professional nor has a job to earn money to buy a real one, indicating that he could indeed be a hack reporter who has nothing better to do with his time.


The Reporter dishes out a healthy dose of criticism.