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We're glad you asked! The Same Apartment is a web comic updated Saturdays by its creator, Sean Pendleton. It is available online through a variety of online art sites such as DeviantArt, and its current home page: Tomcat Ltd. This Wiki serves as an easy reference to all of The Same Apartment's colorful cast of characters and lovely locations. Feel free to explore at your whim!

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  • 31/01/09 - Skin change and a bunch of other things.
Cripes, we actually have a "look" going on now. Granted, not many pages yet, but we're getting there.
  • 26/01/09 - SA Wiki goes online!
Sean and F-M got the party started, then promptly procrastinated.

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Moment of Glory


Posey Blanc is one of the residents of Same Apartment, and a good friend to Gar and Mort. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit and, like Gar, first appeared in the first issue of the comic.

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Fascinating The Mind Meld. Heroes style.